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72 Raisins

A novel about fame, delusion, and indecent exposure. 

Scott Mullan writes jokes for a living. He is a loving husband and a devoted dad, but with a looming milestone birthday, and a career that has stalled, he is searching for something new. Something exciting. Not a Corvette.

When he’s introduced to the teachings of Ben Doss, a dynamic self-help guru, Scott discovers an alternative way of seeing the world around him. And so begins his secret life of strange rituals and questionable hygiene. 

It’s all fun and games until he’s arrested. And his world starts falling apart.

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"Nikki Nash has given us a Hollywood story that is as well-written and acutely observed as they come. And it’s a lot of fun, too; full of characters that live and breathe and screw up wonderfully."


Actor, writer, and comedian

"In 72 Raisins, Ms. Nash tackles some of life’s big issues - career, marriage, and the mysterious, and often illusive parameters of faith. Her attempts to explain the unexplainable are done with thoughtfulness, humor and surprises which keep her readers engaged from beginning to end."



Television producer and writer




"From the very opening of "72 Raisins", I was hooked."



"A twisted page-turner with a healthy dose of existentialism thrown in."



"A skillful striptease that reveals the outer-layer of the self-help, personal growth genre, to the undergarments of mythological and finally metaphysical nature of this extraordinary book."



"Her understanding of a man’s point of view had me reminding myself it was written by a woman."



"…in the end, it just blew me away."



"Nikki Nash creates an entirely fresh set of premises, perspectives and methods for telling a story that bends and breaks that thin line between absurdity and the mundanity of everyday life."



"…a very fun read with a lot of serious implications."



"72 Raisins reads with unimpeachable authority. I enjoyed the book from beginning to end."


"When the movie version is released you'll be able to tell people you already read the book."